A Motivational and Inspirational Story for The Kings

A Motivational and Inspirational Story for The Kings

Inspiring Story For Kings!

In a particular city that was poverty-stricken;

only THREE Men were very Rich in it.

A time came when all the people came together and accused the Rich men of inflicting the poverty on them in the Spiritual realm.

When they reported the matter to the King of the city,
The king invited the only acclaimed wise man in the city so that he could proffer solutions to the Problem of poverty.

The wise man advised the King that the only solution was to divide the wealth of the three men equally to all the people.

All the people were SO HAPPY!!
Because the King agreed to share the Three Rich Men’s wealth among all people in the city.

Three months after the King divided the rich men’s wealth among all the poor,
The Three men became RICHER than they were before they shared their wealth among the poor;

while the Poor became even more POORER!!

When the king observed it,
He invited the wise man Again; The King asked him to explain why the situation was so.

Then the wise man said to King, “I’m sorry,
we made a Mistake;
we enriched their pockets instead of their minds”.

The mind is the most powerful Fountain in a man where SUCCESS and failure Springs from.

The mind is a Great potential from God.
It is the IMAGE of God in Man.

Remember the Quality of your life can’t be better than the Quality of your thoughts.

No man was created a failure.

You are specially graced, just shine💥💫

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