A Short Story Of A Poor Banker – Funny and Emotional Story

I’m broke, no money.

A Short Story Of A Poor Banker

Once upon a time a poor banker traveled 200 Kilometers far to attend a 2-day-training session held somewhere, spent 2 days and nights, stayed in a hotel and paid all the expenses from his pocket. After that the man claimed and sent TA/DA bill to RHQ for the approval and payment according to the policy. The poor man waited for a week, but no response. He waited for a month, but nothing was done.

One day the man called a concerned staff, he responded and promised for crediting soon. That time the poor man became a bit hopeful for the credit within the month, but no credit was made in his account, then the poor banker became so disappointed. After three months, the poor man again asked for the reason of delay… But … The answer was… The Bill got LOST…

Moral: “Irresponsibility” 😛

Written by Unknown

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