Academic Success: To David Temple Time Management Wins it

Academic Success: To David Temple time management wins it


Academic Success: To David Temple Time Management Wins it

Time management was a key factor in my study skills for college. In secondary school, there were times I was unable to study for an hour the night before a test and get away with it. This was not the case in the University. I ensured that  I was prepared for each class.

One of the things I learnt was I had to adapt my study method according to the class. I couldn’t study for a History Class the same way I studied for a Language class. But, making sure I had time to study for each class was a big part of my success.

Different Situations:

I had different strategies for various types of tests or courses. For me, any type of math is incredibly difficult. So, I had to spend more time on that. Most times I would ask the lecturer for an extra study material. If it was a lesson that needed memorization or cramming, I would make a sort of study guide for myself most times focusing on what were key points in the class. If I knew there were going to be essays I would  take the terms and apply them to an example and create different questions on the concepts focused on throughout the semester.

Whenever, I received a low grade I knew it was coming because I didn’t prepare properly or I didn’t use the fitting study habit for that course. I usually try to go over what I did wrong or didn’t of right  and sometime discuss with the teacher how I can perform differently on the next exam or what they suggest I do for the next exam.

Writing and Ideas:

Everyone has a writing style that fits their goal. I usually come up with an idea and do massive amounts of research before I even think about writing. Then I organize my research then prepare an outline before actually writing. I always print out the paper and come back to it the next day to proofread it. That is the simplest way for me to catch my own mistakes. Therefore, I have to give my eyes a break from it, because it’s would look perfect since I wrote it.

Final Words:

In the end, Here are my final words of wisdom for undergraduates who want to get better grades in the University: Time management and organization are critical  factors to success in the University And never be afraid or shy to ask your lecturer for help. They have visiting hours for a reason, use them!

Written by M.Adil

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