Animals Protection and Rescue Group to Protect Animals

Animals Protection and Rescue Group to Protect Animals

Animals Protection and Rescue Group:

Yet another surrender request: Like many other groups we receive calls almost every day asking if we can take in a pet. Many of these are from people who have heard such terrible horror stories about municipal animal shelters that they will do anything except take their dogs and cats there. Then they call the ‘rescue groups’ and find out that they mostly take from shelters. So this is a classic case of getting no help from both ends.

We usually tell people to take their pets to the animal shelter because that is one of the only ways we can be sure that an unaltered (ie potentially breeding animal) is off the streets and out of the dating pool (so to speak!). Yes, it is true that many municipal shelters still have disturbingly high euthanasia rates, but when we look at the big picture, we try to look at the outcome not just for the immediate pet in question, but for our community at large.

If we are serious about solving pet overpopulation then we need to get over our squeamishness about animals going to the shelters, and instead work as hard as we can strategically and politically to improve how they operate. For example – recently Contra Costa Shelters made a subtle but significant policy change by making adoptable animals available to rescue groups as well as the public. This is a HUGE improvement, because this ensures more animals move quickly through their system to a positive outcome.

Rescue Groups:

Rescue groups feel more inclined to rescue from those shelters because now they have a choice of the ‘better’ pets instead of only the ones with failed temp tests or tough medical conditions. We are delighted to see this change.

But there are other reasons people don’t take their pets to shelters and that is because most of them charge a ‘surrender’ fee, and then they find that most groups do as well. Our policy is this: we will more often than not refer people to shelters or other more appropriate agencies because honestly, our adoption program is just a small part of what we do. But we are taking in increasing numbers because options seem to be drying up for people. And when we do we don’t charge a fee.

So here’s our request today. A good looking yellow lab mix needing a new home. We don’t know much about him yet except that he is good with people and he digs in the garden. And that is the main reason the family no longer want him.

We hope we can help place this handsome guy.



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