Best Motivational Story Of Syeda Fatima – A Hard Working Girl


Motivational Story


Hi, I am Syeda Fatima. Living and enjoying my life. I was born on 1st December. Now, I’m 20. I have seen many difficulties, hardships and good things in my life. I’ve passed my Matric with 80%. I liked Computer science that’s why I chose to do inter computer science. I did my best and got 86% marks. It was a great success and motivational achievement for me.

University Life:

Now, I’m studying in the university. I have been promoted to 3rd semester of BS Software Engineering. Till now, I suffered a lot. It is not easy to do anything. If we have passion for something, no one can stop us from getting it.

My Passion For Work:

I am passionate writer and love to do writing. I don’t write only for my clients but also for myself. So, I do poetry, story writing and much more. I do what I like to do. Back in 2017, I thought to sell my article writing services and provide my best to my customers. Therefore, I Started online work. It was hard to get orders in the beginning. But I hoped for the best. I stayed online for nights, sent requests to buyers daily and tried hard. Finally, one day a buyer came to me and asked me to provide service at low cost. I even didn’t talk about the cost. I knew that we have to do everything in the beginning. We have to provide our best to gain customer’s trust. I did hard work. I got best feedback from the buyer. In this way, I started my journey.

Happy Ending Of My Story:

Now, I’m happy that I am providing best services by my passion and gaining buyer’s trust. I’m providing what is demanded. I am doing proper time managing. Many people do single thing by leaving every other thing behind. But i am confident that I manage time for everything. I do studies, sports, gym, freelancing and many other things at their proper time. Life always puts you in difficult situations, but you have to survive and try to overcome the obstacles. Put your efforts and try hard till you succeed.

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Written by Syeda Fatima

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