Great Motivational Article About Life, Passion, Courage and Success

Great Motivational Article About Life Passion Courage and Success

Motivational Article

For 20 years I was a player. This definitely doesn’t make me an expert at like but I’d like to help the youth out even if I know that they don’t always love advice, I was this way too. I will however, without any arrogance, give you some advice that I’d like to say. I’d like to invite young people to reflect on the things I say.


The first is passion. There is no life without passion & thing is something that you can only find within yourself. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to influence you. Passion is something you can transmit. Look deep inside of you and you’ll find it.


The second is joy. What makes your life worthy is having joy in what you do. I remember the joy in my dads tired face and my moms smile when she put all of us kids at the dinner table. Its from that joy where fulfillment is born and you are living the life you want to live.


The third is courage. Its fundamental to be courageous & learn to live believing in yourself. Running into problems and failing is simply a natural part of life, its important to not be defeated by this. The most important thing is to feel satisfied in knowing that you’ve gave it all you had, did your best, in your own way, in your own capacity. Look ahead to the future.


The fourth is success. If you follow your happiness and passion, you can talk about having success, this word ‘success’ seems to be the only worthy thing to our society. What does being successful mean? To me it means living life the way it is, in the best possible way. This is true for a player, carpenter, farmer or baker.


The fifth is sacrifice. Ever since I was a kid I had knee problems and it plagued my whole career. I was able to to live with, and continue to live with this problem thanks to sacrifice, which I can assure you, is not a bad word. Sacrifice is essential to live, its the door to understanding its meaning. The youth years are there for building, that’s why you need to work well right now. What you do right now determines your future. The years you are living in right now are very important. Don’t believe in anything that comes without sacrificing. Don’t believe it, its fake. Effort and hard work are the bridge that makes dreams into reality.

I’ve lived my whole life to remain the boy I grew up as, that loved calcio and went to bed cuddling with a ball to his chest. The only thing that’s different today is I have some more grey hairs and scars. My dreams have always remained the same. Those who keep doing are full of hope. Embrace your dreams and follow them. Everyday hero’s are those who life their life to the max.
And this is exactly what I wish for you and for my kids.

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