Huawei Big Change in Mobile Technology – A Great Step in Fingerprint

Huawei Big Change in Mobile Technology - A Great Step in Fingerprint Sensor

Huawei Big Change in Mobile Technology

Huawei did the work that Apple and Samsung could not do.
Smartphone technology is on its own and now the major changes in smartphone designs are being made to make them more beautiful and easy to use. Pin code for locking any smartphone in the past was used. And then the option of ‘pattern’ was introduced. Then fingerprints sensors and air scanners came out of which fingerprint sensor achieved a lot of success. And almost everybody started using it.

For many years iPhone and Samsung’s most expensive smartphones have been talking about the finger print sensor inside the screen. But both the companies have not done so yet.  But now Huawei the new smartphone ” Matt 20 “has launched inside the fingerprint sensor screen system. Although this technology is not new, but a big change in mobile technology. After launching the fingerprint sensor in the “Matt 20” screen, it has been decided that the ‘Physical fingerprint’ sensor will be less used. Fingerprint sensors inside the screen have also encountered some problems.

Those applications in which fingerprint is used to in lock, fingerprint do not work with the fingerprint sensor installed inside the screen. Its best examples are banking applications that would have to give a pin code to lock it. But experts say that this issue will soon get away and the future fingerprint sensors are installed inside the screen.

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