Interesting Life Story of a Passionate American Girl


Life Story of a Passionate Girl

My Early Life and Childhood:

My name is Patrica, I was born on October 25th, 1992 and I grew up on a West Side of America. I was born into the family of five.  Life was simple. I started my primary school at a Primary School, America in the year 1997. I proceeded to Secondary school before I left for Higher Institution where I studied computer science. This is the early Life Story.

School Life:

My schooling days was excited where I met with new friends, and the academic experience was excellent as I have never experienced such after I left school. My passion for computer science started when my mother came chasing me away from where I always play football; she didn’t want any of her child to be a public servant she instead, want us to be an academic scholar.

Learning Stage:

She took me to where I learned computer operation, initially; I thought a computer is a huge deal that no ordinary person like me can handle. My very first week in the training institute was full of drama just because all that was happening seems magic to me.

I got interested, and I stood within me to become a good computer icon. I left my medical doctor vision, and study computer science.


My country situation was unbearable as we found it difficult to find a job that will suit our financial wants. I decided to undergo another training to become a writer because I want to be a freelancer.

My upbringing has wholly supported my development, and I am thankful for it.I am proud to be an American and a successful freelancer.

Written by Patrica

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