Motivational Story of a Sports Boy – Dare to Achieve Your Dreams

Motivational Story of a Sports Boy - Dare to Achieve Your Dreams

❤️❤️Motivational Story❤️❤️

There was a boy, who wished to win in a race. He joined a great master related to that field to get training. There were other students too.He never lost from them during his practice section. The tournament was near and time was very short.

The day came when the master has to select boys from his Academy for the tournament.The list was displayed and he was shocked when his name was not included in it.💔💔 He in anger without meeting his master returned home.💔💔 And started practice by his own.He included his name by directly sending his name in the tournament.

On the day of the race, he was confident that he will win. But he lost and was deeply hurt. He returned back to his master and ask him ” Why you did not include me in the tournament list, although I never lost in the practice section races”. His Master replied, ” You was always the winner, and you never lost any race in practice, you have no taste of losing, so you stop working hard. But other students continued.”

Never lose hope, you will succeed one day, and the same world will speak with you like a friend.❤️❤️

Written by Unknown

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