My Life’s Story: Challenges before Glory


My Life’s Story: Challenges before Glory

Introduction Of My Life:

My Life’s Story. Life is full of ups and downs, life has not been a bed of roses for someone like me. I have struggled to get this far in life and hopefully still striving that things would get better with commitment and consistency.
As a Nigerian brought and nurtured the hard way to fend for yourselves. I was exposed to several life challenges which by consistency and believing in ones’ self, was able to scale through.

My Life’s Background:

I am Gabriel by name, a university graduate from the Department of Medical Laboratory Science at Ambrose Alli UniversityEkpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. However, Nigeria has a country offers every life phase with challenges and hurdles to overcome.
Growing up in a Monogamous family of six with every child instilled with a high level of morale and discipline has its own advantages likewise the cultural background, cultural norms and value imbibed in us.

Normal Routine Work and Responsibilities:

Casting a little reminiscence back at my childhood days, Father would wake us up as early as 5am, say morning devotion. Then hurriedly move us to our family farmland to do several farm job. And then duties set to go to School. Likewise, return from School each day to hawk farm produce in the local market around. Gradually we imbibed the marketing skills and strategy to sell our products and qualities. We also learned managerial skills as father most times would entrust the family farm business into our care. With these responsibilities saddled on us at a tender age, we were still at our best in our academics and our ever-supportive parent always wanted us to attain the highest educational qualification.

Professional Life:

With our Parents moral, financial support and encouragement I was able to graduate as a Professional in one of Nigerian’s reputable University. And currently running my masters’ degree in University of Benin. As brief and concise as my life events seems it is full of motivations and encouragement for others.


I draw my conclusion with these few words of motivation. With a high level of commitment, consistency and focus anyone is sure to attain whatever level of achievement they have as a self-target. Life has presented every individual with various forms of challenges which are necessary to become a success in life.

Written by Gabriel

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