Pakistan made a White Wash to Australia in The T20 Cricket Series

Pakistan made a White Wash to Australia in The T20 Cricket Series

Pakistan vs Australia T20 Series 2018

In the third T20 cricket match, Pakistan beat Australia by 33 runs in 3-0 series.

According to details, in the third and last T20 match, Pakistan decided to bat and make 150 runs in 20 overs. In order to get the target by the Australian team, AJ Finch came to the field and played 3 balls and make 1 run. On Mohammad Hafeez’s bowling, he was out. AT Kerry, also make 20 runs on 9 balls and out by Mohammad Hafeez. Gillen Maxwell made 4 scores for 8 balls, out on Shadab Khan’s ball. MR Marsh made 21 runs for 24 balls, out on Shadab Khan’s ball. D.J.M. Martin made 10 runs for 15 balls. And all other batsman did not performed properly.

Earlier, the Pakistan team made, Babar Azam made 50 off 40 balls. Sahzada Farhan made 39 runs with 38 balls. Shoaib Malik scored 12 runs on 18 balls. Muhammad Hafeez scored 32 runs and Ammad Waseem (not out )made 3 runs in the first innings.

After winning the match, Sarfraz Ahmed, captain of the national team, said that the pitch is favorable, and we will try to make a big target. He said that the team had two changes. Usman replaces with Shaheen Afridi and SahabZada Farhan comes in the place of Fakhr Zaman.

Pakistan has beaten Australia for two consecutive times and Series already have their names. Pakistan beat Australia by 66 runs in the first match of the series. In the second match, there was a strong contingency between the two teams, but the green shirts remained heavy and got a decisive edge in the series with 11 runs.


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