Story About Parents And Their Love – We Should Give Love In Return

Story About Parents And Their Love - We Should Give Love In Return

Parents And Their Love

Ups And Downs Of My Life:

At every step, life was just like a battle for me, a win or lose situation. But! What if every time I just fell down? Loses all my courage? My passion, my power?  Well, certainly not. At every door, there is a key, for every problem, there is a solution, and for me is my motivation. The motivation in my life is my dad. I still remember that moment when the dark shades of darkness just covered me.

Life and Chances:

Life never gives a second chance to those who let their fate to be controlled by the circumstances. It was 2005 when everything on earth wobbled for few minutes owing to the earthquake. With this wobble, my entire life was shut down. Everything was buried under the layers of the earth leaving behind my dad and me. Although, he was paralyzed but still a sole reasons for me to live and to love.

Challenges of Life:

Each day I face a new challenge to earn bread for both of us. I started working as a home tutor for just 1500 that eventually turned into 15000 owing to my never ended struggle. And today I own my small tuition center where 10 teachers and almost 50+ students are making their lives.

Payback What We Gain from Our Parents:

Parents give birth to us, raises us but hardly some of us pay them back. This time life chooses me to pay my dad back for what he did for me, for every bite that he put in my mouth with love, care, and affection. For the first doll that he brought for me after working hard throughout the day. Now, I live for him to cheer him, to give him the same bite of the meal with love, affection, and care as he uses to do. Still, life knocks e down but he is one that motivates me too stand firm.

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