Success Story of a Student and Appreciation Words for his Teacher

Success Story of a Student and Appreciation Words for his Teacher


Success Story of a Student and Appreciation Words for his Teacher


Success story of a dedicated and studious teacher, Mr Ahmad. He deeply cares for his students and is totally committed to what he does. He is enthusiastic and forthright and his passion for teaching in turn cultivates a passion for learning in his students. In an effort to improve our English, he initiated ‘Vocabulary of the Day’ for every lesson to expand our scope of the vocabulary. With Power Point slides comprising of synonyms, antonyms and contexts of a particular word accompanied by pictorial representations, ‘Vocabulary of the Day’ became one of the most anticipated sessions during EL lessons.

Teaching Techniques:

Mr Ahmad believes that effective English learning comes from student engagement and interaction during lessons. Thus, he employs a myriad of teaching techniques such as group discussions, presentation, problem solving and games, to name but a few, to help his students learn effectively and also provide opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills that he has imparted.


On top of that, Mr Ahmad treats each and every student with parity. He ensures equal attention to every student in the class. He praises and rewards his students who have submitted above average work, while students who are slower in terms of academic progress are supported through regular consultations or remedial classes.

Class Environment:

Possessing the ability to inject wit and humour in the classroom, Mr Ahmad alleviated the tense atmosphere during previous EL lessons. Rapport quickly built between the students and Mr Ahmad; everyone would be sharing ideas and their views and opinions without any fear or feeling shy. English has become one of my favourite subjects because during Mr Ahmad’s lessons. All students were effectively learning in a conducive and supportive learning environment. We enjoyed learning English together under Mr Ahmad. We made significant progress and improvements because we were not afraid of making mistakes and asking questions. Mr Ahmad always made us feel good about ourselves and helped us to correct all our language errors.

Final Words:

In my humble opinion, Mr Ahmad is a very encouraging, knowledgeable and patient teacher who is willing to answer any EL questions, even after lessons and also makes the effort to correct and explain clearly students’ mistakes. Even though he is no longer my EL teacher when I pursued my Secondary Four in First  Secondary School, he continued to offer me guidance and advice to assist me in improving my English. Thanks to Mr Ahmad, I succeeded in scoring an Al in GCE 0 Levels English Language in 2012.

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