Success Story of Kent Clothier – A Challenging Life

Success Story of Kent Clothier - A Challenging Life

Success Story of Kent Clothier:

As the saying goes “different strokes for different folks”, this is exactly the reality of life. A lot of successful individuals had encountered different kinds of challenges. Individuals Passed through series of failures and rejections countless times before attaining the height of success. The story is just same for Kent Clothier REWW.

Clothier’s Early Business Life:

Though Clothier was very successful during his adult life, but he also faced his own challenges before he started breaking grounds. At the age of 17 his father introduced him to his grocery business where they traded arbitrage on a wholesale level with full truckloads. That is, they purchase groceries from a market and go to another market to sell them.

After a short period of doing this trade traditionally, Clothier began to go from one wholesale buyer to the other making inquiries about what exactly, they would love to buy from them. He was able to create a high demand from their buyers first. Then they had to buy the exact groceries that their buyers needed.

Clothier’s Fall:

By getting buyers’ demand first before buying exactly what they need, Clothier discovered that the business could attain a massive boost using this method which is known reverse wholesaling. Just exactly as he predicted, when he was about 30 years old the business were already generating almost $2 billion in revenue. Unfortunately, he had to walk away from this lucrative business because he had a misunderstanding with his business partners with the thought that he could succeed again with another business.

After 18 months, the million dollars he saved in his account was drastically reduced to $5,000. This stirred up great fear in him that really got him thinking of a way out. After much brainstorming, on a particular night, he caught an idea. It was about real estate infomercial, which was all about property wholesaling.

Clothier’s Breakthrough:

He bought the program and after a month of research and studying about the idea he sprang into action.He was able to pull himself out of the fear of cataclysmic financial breakdown. He gained his freedom once again.

Conclusion of Story:

The creation of a system known as REWW for reverse wholesaling properties made history for Clothier. He incorporated his previous knowledge of arbitrage into real estate flipping. He also developed a system that kept all the data to support the idea. This made him a legend in real estate industry. Also, he lectured thousands of students his method for making millions of dollars in real estate without risking any capital.


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