Supreme Court Acquits Asia Bibi after Blasphemy Charges not Proven

Supreme Court Acquits Asia Bibi after Blasphemy Charges not Proven.

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi has Death Penalty Conviction Overturned

I am sorry that i am posting this because it is not a political matter but heart is sad due to the decision of the supreme court of Pakistan.

If Asia Bibi was innocent, why was he kept in prison till today? The Supreme Court determines the responsibilities and punish them too. And why was it released if he was guilty? State of Pakistan should determine the responsibilities. What kind of justice is this.

If the Supreme Court has found it wrong in the light of all the evidence, it should be released but the question is that the lower court and the High Court had sentenced him to death. ? Be brought to the front. All should be opened in front of the public. Documents of both sides and lawyers of the Witnesses should be publicized. So that the truth and the truth can be clear.

If Asia has been well-kept right, then the judges of the lower court and the High Court who had sentenced him to death should be hanged and if the Asia Bibi was abused, the current bench should be hanged.

Publicize the file of the judge so that the public could see what was the actual matter. This case made Nawaz Sharif’s elected government public anger and now it is going to happen like Imran Khan’s new government. Always in the judicial system and incomplete judges, revenge is taken from politicians always.

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