The Donald Trump gave India a Great Shocking News


Donald Trump gave India a Great Shock

Apologies! I can not do this for you now … The Donald Trump gave India a great shocking news.

Washington, US President Donald Trump invited as a special guest at the Republic Day in the next year. However, the US President refused to attend the Republic of India’s due to the personal reasons and work as well.

US officials informed the trumpet’s decision to Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Dovol. US said that the US President will not attend the function of the Republic of India due to domestic work. The Russian President had arrived on October 4 in New Delhi. Where he met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They had signed 8 memorandum in the fields of defense, nuclear, energy, and economic.

Despite the Russian reservations, Russia and India Had signed an agreement with the US $ 5 billion aerial defense system S400. On the other hand, on these agreements In the emotional reactions, the US said that sanctions on Russia aimed to stop Moscow’s revenue sector. But it does not mean that the United States wants to ban its allies or partners.

The Republic of India is celebrated on January 26, with a military parade. Earlier in 2015, former US President Barack Obama has participated in India’s Republic Day.

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