Why Girls and Boys of Less Than 30 Age Facing Heart Attacks?


Heart Attacks Disease Causes

Heart attack disease has become so common in today’s era. Girls and boys under 30 years of age are facing heart attack disease. Now, experts have told the reasons of heart attacks.

According to Times of India, experts say that girls get low heart disease and heart attack. Because of today’s period of fasting and work. Dr. Santosh Kumar Dora, a psychiatrist of Asian Heart Institute said that due to different reasons, mental health and hypertension rates have much increased in the youth.

“Dr Sanshash further said,” The food of the people of the present is not good and proper. And exercise is also not a part of lives. These are the factors that are the fastest production of today’s life and these are the causes of heart diseases. Due to the pressure of the work, today people prefer to eat fast foods from the market instead of home-made foods. Because they do not have time to cook at home and then have a tradition even cooked out. These factors There are people who are causing high cholesterol, diabetes and other diseases, and the younger generation is getting heart attack diseases at small age. ”

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