World’s First SmartPhone of 10 GB Ram – Latest Technology

World's First Smart Phone of 10 GB Ram - Latest Technology

First SmartPhone of 10 GB Ram

If you feel that Smartphone gets slower during different tasks, don’t worry at all. The world’s first Smart Phone of 10 GB Ram is here for you. You will definitely like it. Yes, for the first time, a dual-digit phone  is coming soon.

It is revealed by the user who leak smartphone information from China Regulatory Body. The report revealed that the new version of the Chinese company Oppo’s flagship phone-fined X will be equipped with 10 GB Ram. Till now, the smartphone has 8 GB RAM, which is seen in One Plus Six, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and in Oppo’s Original Fined X. But so far, no major company has introduced 10 GHz smartphone. This new phone will probably be equipped with 256GB storage, which is more than most desktop computers. It was the first phone of the world, with 93.8 percent screen on its Front. In fact, it is a basil lace phone.

The company has adopted unique strategy to make the phone a basil lace. The slider is placed at the top of the front, which brings the front camera up. While, the backup camera also appears on the top of the slider. The company claims that front and back cameras can be opened or closed in half seconds, while in the slider. There are several credentials that are also equipped with the Face in Lock system. How long will this new phone be introduced, it’s hard to say yet.

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